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In our opinion, social media is often used in the wrong way or not enough. When someone hears “social media” they typically think of Facebook or LinkedIn and somehow, that’s left them with a bad impression of social media altogether. While Facebook and LinkedIn are a part of social media, it’s so much more than just those two websites.

Take Google+, for example. It’s definitely not a popular social media site, but what most people don’t even realize is that your Google+ page affects how you show up on the Google Maps listings and in what order. It’s also what is shown to clients when they try to find your business hours, directions, or reviews.

Social media websites now play an even bigger role in SEO as well. Google does look at your Facebook “shares” and “likes” and factors that into their formula. The more you dig, the more you’ll find that all aspects of your business on the internet are integrated and affect each other in one way or another.

We realize every business is different, but we have proven social media strategies we can customize to your needs that will be sure to improve the bottom line.

  • Facebook

    Utilizing Facebook looks different for every business. But more than anything, it provides legitimacy for your business and gives your customers a platform to communicate with you. There are several ways to use it to enhance your business.

  • Google+

    One of the most under-utilized social media sites out there is Google+. It affects your Google Maps ranking and is also used when people make mobile searches for your hours, directions, and reviews. There may not be a lot of people on Google+, but there are several reasons to use it to optimize your business.

  • Blogging

    Blogging is a part of social media? You better believe it! It can have a huge affect on SEO as well. Constantly creating content on your website for Google to find only helps your business.

  • Proven Strategies

    Social media marketing is a tricky business. But we feel that we can get you going in the right direction. We take into consideration the industry you are in, and we will develop a social media strategy that will be sure to make an impact.

Social Media Marketing Cincinnati


Without a doubt, social media is important to your business. Any and all potential customers are likely on a social media site at this very moment. It’s a huge part of society, and therefore should be a huge part of your business.

It’s definitely easier for some businesses than others. For instance, landscaping businesses can publish a great landscaping idea on Facebook and it can be shared to thousands of people within hours. But companies like ours, in the web design business, aren’t going to publish a great idea on Facebook for the most part that is going to gain as much traction. All that means is that you have to get creative. Incentivize clients to post a positive review of you on their news feed or on Google and all of a sudden 250 of their friends now see that you are a reputable company. At the heart of social media is one word: relationships. And just like any good relationship, there must be some give and take. Give your customers a reason to follow you and they will.

What a lot of people don’t realize is how easily things can compound. One client can lead to ten new clients. One review can lead to five new clients, which in turn can lead to fifty new clients. It’s worked for us and it’s worked for a lot of our clients, so we suggest giving social media a shot!

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