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People sometimes get web development confused with web design. A web developer is the one who writes or updates the actual code of a website. Web development is often times never seen by the client and because of this, never fully appreciated. We like to compare a web developer to a mechanic though. If they are extremely sloppy with the work they do, something as easy as changing the oil can get tough. It’s very similar in our industry. If the coding is sloppy it doesn’t allow for quick and easy updates which in turn costs you more money down the road.

With a good mechanic, when you pop the hood of that car everything is in pristine shape and organized. You may even want to show it off to some friends. It’s no different over here at WebTec!

  • No outsourcing

    There’s no outsourcing to offshore developers here! When you call in, you will be speaking directly to the designer or developer that worked on your website.

  • 25+ Years Experience

    With 25+ combined years of development experience, our goal is to build every website right the first time, while making it efficient for future changes.

  • We do our homework

    The web industry is constantly changing. We have a passion for what we do here at WebTec, so staying one step ahead of the latest and greatest changes comes easy to us.

  • SEO Aware

    Initial SEO is a part of every website that we build. Our web developers are fully aware and up to speed on the latest SEO changes. We always make it a priority to structure websites correctly for optimized searching.

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Responsive websites are definitely the latest trend in web development. A responsive website adjusts to any type of device so that it looks great no matter what you view it on. The main reason for this push is the large increase of visitors that are coming from cell phones and tablets. Google added a ranking criteria to their formula for mobile searches, giving websites that are mobile friendly a slight boost. So responsive websites are definitely here to stay!
Let’s get techy for a second. In the past, web developers used a fixed width of around 950 to 1000 pixels because monitors typically only went to 1024 pixels. Now, web developers use percentages so the website automatically adjusts to their screen size. Some things do have to be custom set for each device still such as images and font sizes but for the most part percentages are used.

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